"Wicked Core has changed my life and it can change yours as well"

Deb Miner, Wicked Core Owner, Instructor, and Runner

“I took my first Lagree class in 2016 and fell in love with the workout after just one class. I was a runner who never cross trained, so I had a runner’s body, with no upper body or core strength. Through Lagree Fitness, I have not only strengthened my upper body and core, but I have also built up leg muscles that I never used during the repetitive nature of running. Back in March 2016, when this first picture was taken, I had just completed the Houston Marathon and Woodlands Marathon, so I thought I was in good shape until I compared it to this recent photo. I have now lost 5lbs and at least an inch in my waist and my muscles are leaner, longer and stronger. I never made a diet change during this time, I just built up from 1 class per week before the studio was open to 4-5 times per week now. Whether you want to lose 5 lbs. or 50 lbs., Lagree Fitness can get you there. I am so proud of our clients that have already seen incredible results and I look forward to helping more of you achieve your fitness goals. Wicked Core has changed my life and it can change yours as well. Commit to be fit with me!”