This is a high intensity low impact 45-minute session that will leave your muscles, leaner, longer and stronger, creating noticeable tone and definition in the body. You can expect a full–body session that uses controlled movements on a Megaformer to work your slow and fast-twitch muscles to the point of failure. This class is for all levels and can be modified based on your own fitness level. If this is your first class, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for an overview before class.


Get comfortable with all the features of the Megaformer! In our MegaBasics class you will be guided through the basic elements of the Lagree Method. After learning the essential exercises, expect to feel confident into moving into our MegaSculpt All Levels classes! However, don't be fooled this beginner class is still challenging, so be prepared to get a workout! Feel free to start with this MegaBasics class or jump right into MegaSculpt All Levels. Just plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.


This is a high intensity low impact 40-minute session that focuses on your upper body and core. It is recommended that you take the Mega Sculpt - All Levels class first before taking the Mega Arms & Abs class.


This is a 45-minute session that focuses on stretching. Utilizing the motion of the Megaformer and straps, you are taken through a full body stretching session.