"It works!"

Can you do Lagree while you are pregnant? Yes! Can you get your body back after pregnancy? Yes! "The main reason Wicked Core has me coming back after 200 classes is simple. It works!” Lauren is a busy working mom of four and loves❤️ that she can get in her full-body workout in 45 minutes. She loves❤️ that the exercises are always challenging her and she has fun learning and mastering all the moves, especially when there’s a new one thrown into class! She appreciates that Lagree nicely compliments her yoga practice and feels like it’s the best of both worlds. Lauren really impressed us by working consistently through her pregnancy (she hit her 100th class during her third trimester!) and says she feels like her recovery has been made smoother because of her healthy habits including her Lagree workouts before, during, and after pregnancy. She also says it’s because of Wicked Core that her closet has so many cute new leggings!