"I am feeling stronger then ever!"

"I am feeling stronger then ever!"


"At the end of August this year, after seeing pictures of myself, I decided to make a change. I have never been so out of shape, and I wanted to set a better example for my children. I started off at a high intensity gym and did have some success. I was working out over an hour everyday, in addition to the work outs, they taught me about eating the right foods to feed by body to have the best results. During those 4 weeks I only lost 5lbs, I quickly started to lose my motivation when the consultant seemed disappointed with my results. This left me discouraged.

Thankfully, I have great friends who encouraged me to push through. One friend suggested the new place opening in October, Wicked Core, so we each bought a 10 class package. The first day we walked in I thought what have I gotten myself into, I've never been into gyms, Yoga or Pilates, and this looked like I had gotten in over my head. I made it through the first class without injury. Just a lot of shaking!! It was so different and challenging!! I had to retrain my brain to move slowly with controlled isolated movements. I must admit, there have been moves where I was cursing under my breath. I was hooked!! Over time I felt my muscles getting stronger, I started seeing the changes in the mirror and the scale. It felt rewarding. Over the past 3 months, thanks to Wicked Core and the AMAZING instructors I have lost an additional 17lbs and am feeling stronger than ever!!"

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Wicked Core

The workout is low impact, but high intensity by combining the elements of classical Pilates, cardio and weight training

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