Sabrina Shepard


Sabrina is a native and lifelong resident of Texas and lives in Spring with her husband and two children. She was introduced to Lagree as a client in 2017 soon as Wicked Core opened the Spring Creek location and instantly became hooked. She loved that she could get a total body workout in 45 minutes that is low impact, challenging, fun, and effective. After taking over 400 classes she not only become stronger and more fit, but decided to become a Lagree instructor. Since becoming certified, Sabrina has also earned her yoga teacher certification and is a certified personal trainer. The knowledge she gained through these trainings have enhanced her skills as a Lagree instructor and deepened her passion for movement and wellness. Sabrina loves Lagree not only because of the megaformer, but because of the encouraging, fun, and motivating Wicked Core community of clients and instructors.

Join Sabrina to focus on becoming your best self. It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. Live, love, Lagree! Sabrina is a Level 2 certified Lagree Fitness Instructor.