Jess Trione

Stretch Instructor

Jess is a TEXAS native, having left TEXAS for CALIFORNIA for several years. That is where she got married and had the first of three children. Shortly after her first child was born, she and her husband, along with his family all moved to this area to be closer to her family. She has 3 kids, two sons and one daughter.

Jess has always enjoyed working out and being active. While she was working in the finance industry, she was in lululemon shopping...and the rest is really history. She left her corporate job to work retail for lululemon. From there her personal development continued to grow. As her personal yoga practice grew, she knew in her heart that she wanted to teach yoga. Leaving for PERU in 2016 for an immersion yoga teacher training, digging deep and traveling though South America was a dream come true. HELLO MACHU PICCU. Eventually she left lululemon to work for herself, and shortly after leaving became an Ambassador for lululemon!! What an honor!

Jess teaches yoga and will be joining our team to continue to share the benefits of STRETCH on the MEGAFORMER. Connecting the body with breath as we open up the spaces in our body that we work so hard on in our regular classes. EVERYONE NEEDS STRETCH in their lives!