Gerrilee Hartman


Gerrilee is originally from Minneapolis, MN. She and her family moved to TX in late 2015 to pursue her current corporate role as Regional Vice President for a finance company. Gerrilee travels most weeks and believes health and fitness are paramount to supporting her successful career.

Gerrilee has always been an athlete. She was on the first women’s high school hockey team. She played soccer, basketball, and volleyball. As an adult, her focus transitioned from sports to fitness training. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

Gerrilee had back surgery in 2011. She found relief for several years until late 2017 when she found herself in extreme pain again. She found a local doctor that guided her through pain management and he suggested she try Pilates. In 2018, she found Lagree at Wicked Core. Lagree has changed her life so much that she wants to share her passion with the local community. She was both 200 hour yoga teacher and Lagree level 1 certified in 2022. She loves helping others feel amazing so they can live the life they deserve.