Deb Miner

Owner and Instructor

Deb was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island. She grew up with three brothers, married her high school sweetheart and moved to New Hampshire before settling in Texas. Deb is a licensed CPA and began her career as an accountant. In terms of education, she earned her undergrad degree from the University of Rhode Island before completing an MBA program at Southern New Hampshire University. After moving to Texas, Deb and her husband Allen delved into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. In 2012, they opened Another Broken Egg Café, a successful restaurant in The Woodlands, Texas. While Allen managed the restaurant, Deb kept her day job as Chief Financial Officer and joined Allen on weekends. After four years of owning a successful restaurant (and overseeing all the bookkeeping), Deb decided to follow her passion for fitness and open Wicked Core. After taking her first Lagree fitness class, she fell in love with the method and opened her own studio. Being from the Northeast, she named her studio “Wicked Core” to emphasize the wicked hardcore workouts! Deb has taught over 3,000 classes and enjoys pushing her clients to their limits while focusing on proper form. Deb is a Level 2 certified Lagree Fitness Instructor.