Britney Coetzee


Britney is a registered nurse. She has a passion to helps others any way she can. Britney has struggled with her health since she was a young girl from one extreme to the other, being overweight and being anorexic. When she became a registered nurse, that is when it clicked with her that health was as important as those who she cared for daily. Consistency in diet and exercise is what she has learned is the key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Being an athlete most of her life she has acquired likes and dislikes for certain types of training. Volleyball and softball were a few of her favorite sports to play although she has been a cheerleader, gymnast, cross-fitter, golfer and yogi and much more. Lagree Fitness training was an instant love for her. Lagree challenges Britney mentally and physically and that’s what she loves so much. Knowing she can conquer anything when she leaves a Lagree class.

Britney's goal as one of your certified Lagree instructors is to share her love for fitness and health with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves.