Andie Willis


Andrea “Andie” is a native Houstonian. She now lives in Spring with her husband and son. Andie was a pre dental student at Sam Houston State University. Her educational background in biology/physiology prepared her for a career in dentistry. As a Registered Dental Assistant for 25 years, she has been providing exceptional care to her dental patients. Specializing in oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry, Andie is passionate about healthcare. She enjoys taking care of her patients and loves to see them smile!

Andie began taking Lagree classes in January of 2018 and by early 2019 she had completed over 300 classes. After losing 20 lbs and 6 inches in her waist, she knew that Lagree Fitness was life changing! She had more energy, slept better and had found a new passion. Her favorite thing about Wicked Core is the support network of clients who are always there to push each other. She loves how many friends she has made that keep her coming back for more!

Andie completed her certification in April 2019 and is ready to motivate, inspire and change your life too!