"I'm so much stronger"


"I love Wicked Core, best workout I've done in a long time! The teachers are amazing. Each teacher is different and great. I've gone to over 15 classes so far, tried all the teachers, have never had the same workout twice and have never had a bad/easy workout. The class size is small, which is nice because the teachers can walk around during class and give you that individual attention to make sure you are doing every move correctly. The class length is 45 minutes and is hard, yet completely manageable. I love that the classes are low impact, yet my muscles are shaking most of the class. Most importantly, for me, is that I love seeing my progress. I only started classes a month ago, yet I'm so much stronger than when I started. I can hold my planks a little longer, drop a little lower in my squats and can do some of those advanced moves, which is super exciting. Wicked Core is amazing, completely addicting, and I highly recommend it!"

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Wicked Core

The workout is low impact, but high intensity by combining the elements of classical Pilates, cardio and weight training

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