January Challenge


16 in 31 Day Challenge

Congratulations to all of you that completed the 16 Class Challenge!

Amber P

Gerrilee H

Cathy S

Lauren M

Nicole T

Jeff B

Mallorie C

Sonja H

Ali S

Britney C

Meredith B

Bridgette M

Crysti B

Angela M

  • Beth K

    Samantha T

    Laura C

    Ivonne V

    Tammie G

    Jan M

    Alisa S

    Elisa S

    Missy H

    Christine T

    Andi H

    Deb K

    Jennifer M

    Jennifer N

Kelly R

Trina W

Mikki M

Lisa B

Alicia B

Manon K

Elizabeth P

Meredith P

Rachel S

Lindsey S

Estella D

Stacey M

Shawn S

Mita D

Kim P

Sylena G

Angela L

Kelly K

Kirsten D

Liz L

Alice C

Deborah M

Tonya D

Tandi B

Ed G

Ann Marie R

How it works:

  • Commit to taking 16 classes at either location within January.
  • Sign your name up on our Challenge Tracker Board at one of our locations (only post your name to track at one location, but you can practice at both)
  • Starting January 1st you will track your progress in pursuit of 16 classes within the 31 days of January.

Rewards for Completion:

For everyone that completes the challenge you will be entered into a raffle for prizes including (one winner at each studio):

  • One free month of unlimited classes
  • 5 Class Pack
  • Wicked Core T Shirt
  • Wicked Core Hat