Amy Collins


Amy is a married, mother of three, practicing attorney, and founder of Amy Collins FIT, LLC, a site that offers fitness instruction, nutritional advice and life coaching. She grew up in the small town of New Carlisle, OH playing sports year round all throughout her childhood. She continued her love of competitive sports by playing basketball in junior college. In 2003, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Wright State University in Dayton, OH. In 2007, she and her husband moved to the Houston area where Amy earned her J.D. from South Texas College of Law.

With the traveling and long hours required of her career as well as raising three children, Amy found it difficult to find time to exercise. Enter Lagree Fitness. It was after her first class at Wicked Core that Amy became hooked. The 45-minute intense, full-body workout provided muscle toning and cardiovascular conditioning that resulted in quick, noticeable results. She quickly became stronger and more toned. Amy attended Wicked Core so frequently that she became a member of the 50 Class Club and later the 100 Class Club.

Amy’s approach to fitness is a holistic one that combines good nutrition, mental well-being and physical activity. Amy’s positive energy and upbeat classes provide a challenging yet fulfilling environment for her students as she pushes them beyond their comfort zones to help them realize their fitness potential. She believes in goal setting and doing whatever it takes to reach them. Her motto is, “You can either make excuses or make it happen.”

Amy looks forward to working with each of her students to help them achieve their individual fitness goals at Wicked Core. Amy is a Level 2 certified Lagree Fitness Instructor.