90 Day Fit Challenge

Wicked Core is teaming up with Body Analytics to bring to you a 90 day Fit Challenge. In early January, you will have the opportunity to learn your body fat as a percentage of your total weight. 90 days later in early April, testing will be offered a 2nd time to see your personal improvement over this time period.

In order to take advantage of the testing, please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. The testing fee is $49 for one test or $80 if you commit to both testing dates.

The body fat analysis is done by Hydrostatic Testing (underwater weighing). By understanding your starting and ending body fat percentage, Body Analytics will provide you with the results from the 90 day Fit Challenge.

Sign up for your testing spot today, limited spots available.

Spring Creek

Tuesday, January 7th 4-7 PM

Tuesday, April 7th 4 - 7 PM

Sign up at the Spring Creek location


Wednesday, January 8th 4-7 PM

Wednesday, April 8th 4-7 PM

Sign up at the Creekside location

To learn more about the testing or what to know before hand, click here.

We look forward to watching and helping you all achieve your fitness goals!