12 Week Challenge

12 Week Challenge

Let Wicked Core help you achieve your fitness goals in 2021 with our 12 Week Challenge!

Are you looking to get back in shape in 2021 or just challenge yourself? Then join us for a New Year 12 Week Challenge.

How it works:

- Commit to taking 4 classes per week (16 classes per month)

- Sign up for a composition body scan from Blend Nutrition.

If you weren't able to make one of these dates above, you can still get your body scan at Blend Nutrition. Sign up to go to Blend Nutrition for your scan.

The first week of April, you will do a 2nd scan and find out the results of your hard work over the 12 weeks. The cost for the 2 body scans, January & April is $100, which includes buy-in for the Grand Cash Prize!

The body composition scan uses 3D technology. With each scan, data is collected to analyze trends, and gather insight on how your fitness and nutrition programs are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss. You are able to see body measurements, calculate health risks, explore calorie recommendations, and provide a detailed, yet comprehensive report right to your inbox. Understanding your composition allows you to set realistic time-based goals which is key to successful weight loss and weight management. Based on 4 or more workouts per week, we will help you set a goal and calorie guideline over the 12 weeks. To learn more about the scan, click here.

Prizes for Completion:

  • Raffle Prizes include, one month of unlimited classes, 5 class pack and Wicked Core tank. Monthly we will pick winners based on completing 16 classes. That means 3 opportunities to win raffle prizes, without having to wait the entire 12 weeks. This includes a January, February and March 16 Class Challenge!
  • Upon final completion of the 12 week challenge, the clients with the highest percentage of body fat loss will be up for a Grand Cash Prize as well as 1 month of unlimited classes.

We look forward to watching and helping you all achieve your fitness goals!

Are you out of classes and need to purchase a package?

  • Purchase our 16 Class Challenge pack for $320 ($20 per class)
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Do you prefer to become a VIP member with unlimited classes?

  • Purchase our VIP Membership for $249 per month ($15.56 per class, based on 16 per month)
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Are you ready to commit to the challenge?

  • Sign up for the Body Scan today! Sign up!