Sathish Mereyala


Sathish was born in Switzerland and was raised in India. He completed his Bachelors in Mechanical engineering and to pursue further education he travelled to US in 2006 and graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. During his stay for masters, Sathish started learning martial arts named Youn Wha Ryu which is a combination of Tae kwon Do, Hopkido, Aikido, Karate and street fighting techniques. This was his first move into fitness. Over the years he developed in rank and now holds a black belt 3rd degree. He moved to Texas in 2008 to pursue a job in manufacturing engineering and has been living here since then. During the course of his stay he continued to learn and teach Youn Wha Ryu through Grandmaster Hans School of martial arts. He wanted to add more to just martial arts to his experience and then started reading about personal training and nutrition, while completing challenges like Tough mudder, mud runs, and triathlon. After years of transforming from a fast paced lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle, he wanted to make it a profession and got certified as a Personal trainer under NCSF. He specializes in corrective action training and nutrition planning. In his free time he enjoys yoga, swimming, fitness training and swimming. When he got a chance to experience the Lagree workout, he was thrilled by the concept and beleived that he could help more people transform through this workout. Sathish is all set to help you transform at Wicked –Core.

The quote that keeps his day going is “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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Wicked Core

The workout is low impact, but high intensity by combining the elements of classical Pilates, cardio and weight training

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