Jean Hofschulte


My philosophy in life is "Find what you are truly passionate about, live your dreams, and it's never to late for anything"

At a young age I dreamed of traveling the world, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I found that path in the airline industry as a flight attendant, I'm proud to say I've been living that dream in a career spanning over 30 years and counting.

My fitness journey started 16 years ago when I quit smoking and started running. Realizing I have one body and one life, nutrition and physical fitness have evolved into my deepest passion. I am a private personal trainer and an accomplished ultra distance runner. I have completed races at the marathon distance, ultra marathon distances and multi-day running.

It's never too late! Discover those passions and find the inner strength to achieve them. Teaching the Lagree Fitness Method will give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. Come join the Wicked Core Family!

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