Hailey McDermott


Hailey was raised in Spring, TX along with two younger brothers. She spent most of her childhood outside camping at Lake Somerville or at the river. Growing up sport was always a part of her life. She spent years playing volleyball, practicing yoga and running. Hailey has a little boy who keeps her active and always on her toes. Hailey took her first Lagree Fitness class at the Spring Creek location and immediately fell in love with the physical and mental challenge of the workout. She knew she wanted to share Lagree Fitness with others, so she immediately applied to become an instructor. She has always had a passion for helping others and she is excited to have the opportunity to teach others about their bodies and help them grow stronger both physically and mentally. She is excited to share Lagree fitness with everyone and continue to help people learn how strong they really are!

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Wicked Core

The workout is low impact, but high intensity by combining the elements of classical Pilates, cardio and weight training

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