Bhavana Gundaboina


Bhavana was born and raised in India where she earned her Bachelors in Engineering. Her passion for work brought her to the US for more learning and knowledge. Having being weight challenged, she chose to step into fitness to make a change. During the course of adopting a healthy diet and beating the stress down every day, she started getting leaner and stronger. And very soon, fitness became the new passion that triggered a new adventure. As the part of the journey, she started learning mixed martial arts which is a combination of Taekwondo, Aikido, Karate and street fight techniques named Youn Wha Ryu and does currently hold a brown belt.

She has always been passionate about sharing the knowledge and pass it on. This led her to pursue the interest to teach. She enjoys teaching and has been teaching kids of all ages in Language Arts, Math and Science. She also likes to spend her weekends reading, painting, DIY’s projects and cooking the most.

Over the years, fitness and healthy lifestyle has made such a huge impact to her life including her family. She got certified as a personal Trainer with National Council of Strength & Fitness when she chose to pursue this passion and share the experience with everyone. She starts her day with a good workout followed by the passion for engineering, teaching and cooking a healthy meal for the family.

Living each day doing the things you love is the what drives her life and she is very enthusiastic and eager to share the experience and enjoy the ride with you at Wicked Core!

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